Minutes – 28 January 2020


PRESENT: Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. D Ayres (Vice Chairman); Cllr. A Cowell; Cllr. R Smith; Cllr. C Giles; and Cllr. A Hall.

IN ATTENDANCE: Ward Cllr. V Parry; Mr R Hewitt, Clerk. There were three (3) members of the public present.

19/82 Apologies – Cllr. A Wright.

19/83 Declarations of Members Interest and Written Requests for Dispensation – None.

19/84 Minutes of the previous meeting – Minutes of the meeting held on 26 November 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

19/85 Ward Councillor Report – Cllr. Parry reported on a public meeting held in November 2019 to call for a reduced speed limit on Overton road between Ludlow and the A49. Drainage on Mitnell Lane/ Park Lane has been raised with Shropshire Council. There has been an increase in traffic on side roads due to the roadworks on the A49. The 10.15am 490 bus service is to be discontinued, against the wishes of the Ward Cllr.

19/86 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish – Members of Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council provided an overview of measures being taken to address speeding on the B4361, including speed indicator displays (SIDs). Other measures being considered are village gates and infrastructure such as a different coloured tarmac and dragons’ teeth on the approach to the start of the speed limit.

The parish council was asked to consider making a request to Shropshire Council to implement a traffic regulation order to reduce the speed limit on the B4361 from 40 to 30mph from the county boundary towards the village hall in Shropshire. Members of Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council also suggested ideas to mark the commemoration of the seventy fifth anniversary of VE Day in May 2020.

19/87 Traffic regulation order for a 40mph speed limit on Overton Road – It was agreed to ask the highways authority, Shropshire Council, to implement a traffic regulation order to reduce the speed limit on the B4361 from 40 to 30mph from the county boundary towards the village hall. In addition, a letter will be sent to the Rt. Hon. Philip Dunne MP to request support for the traffic regulation order on Overton Road.

19/88 Planning
It was noted that 19/05504/DIS Woofferton Wharf, Woofferton for Discharge of Conditions is under consideration by planning services and that Shropshire Council “will not be approving or refusing the proposal, so comments are not invited”. Shropshire Council has decided that Prior Approval is not required for 19/05477/AGR Wheat Common Farm for erection of a replacement barn. Shropshire Council has issued a Certificate of existing lawful use or development for 19/04829/CPE Paddocks Stud.

19/89 Report from Councillors who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council – None.

19/90 Financial items
a) The following payments were agreed: Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council, share of hosting/ domain fee for website (£42.50); and Hitrees, environmental maintenance (£894.00).

A request from the village hall committee for £132.42 to install Wi-Fi, including an extender for the Jubilee Room, was considered. It was agreed to share the cost with Richards Castle (Herefordshire) Parish Council, and a cheque raised for £66.21.
b) Parish council accounts 2019-20 to date, and budget/ precept for 2020-21: The finances of the parish council for 2019-20 to date were reviewed. The budget for 2020-21 was agreed and the precept set at £4,500.00. The budget includes £750.00 for environmental maintenance.
c) Internal financial controls: Systems of internal control were reviewed, and it was agreed they are effective in safeguarding public money and resources.

19/91 Highway Items/ Amenity Items/ Footpath Items
The environmental maintenance grant application to Shropshire Council for 2020-21 was reviewed (£1,500 with £750 provided by the grant through match funding). Environmental maintenance work in 2020-21 will be focused on the pavements by the village hall, Policeman’s Corner to Overton and towards the caravan park.

Mud on Park Lane has been reported to the highway authority. The compliance officer of the biodigester facility has been asked to clear the road of mud that may be caused by the large tractors accessing the facility. Potholes on Station Road, Woofferton have been reported to the highway authority.

Multiple deep potholes on the B4361 by the entrance to Moor Park School will be reported to the highway authority.

19/92 Clerk’s Report
Local authorities, which include parish councils, are being encouraged to lead a Toast to the Heroes of World War 2, at 3pm on VE Day (8 May 2020). There is a meeting of the South Shropshire Area Committee in late January 2020. Hope House have written to the parish council to request a charitable donation.

19/93 Matters raised for next meeting – None.

19/94 Next Meeting – The next scheduled meeting will be on Tuesday 7 April 2020.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.