Minutes – Annual Meeting – 24 May 2022


PRESENT: Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. D Ayres (Vice Chairman); Cllr. V Hawkins; Cllr. A Hall; Cllr. R Smith; and Cllr. A Wright.

IN ATTENDANCE: R Hewitt, Clerk. One member of the public was present.

22/13 Election of Chairman – Mr H Salwey was elected unanimously and signed the declaration of acceptance of office.

22/14 Apologies – Cllr. A Cowell.

22/15 Declarations of Members Interests and requests for Dispensation – None.

22/16 Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr. D Ayres was elected unanimously.

22/17 To approve the Minutes of the previous meeting – The minutes of the meetings held on 1 March and 21 April 2022 were approved as a correct record.

22/18 Ward Councillor Report
Apologies from Ward Cllr. V Parry were noted.

22/19 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish
A member of the public asked the parish council to support a proposal to introduce new speed limits on the B4361 on the approach to the village hall and up to the county boundary. The member of the public kindly offered to provide further written details and it was agreed to look at the proposal at the next meeting in July 2022.

22/20 Planning
22/01645/FUL Green Trees, Richards Castle, SY8 4EG. Erection of single storey extension to integral garage and conversion to residential; erection of a two storey extension to north east elevation of main house. The planning application was supported.

22/01734/FUL Premises Known as Overton School, Overton Road, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 4AD. Change of use from field to new car park. The planning application was supported.

Shropshire Council have granted planning permission for 22/01426/FUL Ched Barn, 22/00401/FUL Hope Cottage and22/01450/FUL Mile End.

22/21 The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen
Chair of the Platinum Jubilee volunteers, Cllr. V Hawkins kindly provided a report on preparations for the Big Lunch on 5 June 2022 for which separate event insurance has been obtained by the organisers. It was agreed to share plans for the beacon event with fire and rescue services. The proposed location on the highway verge for the planting of Green Canopy trees will be reviewed with the adjacent landowner.

22/22 Report from Representatives who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council – There were no reports.

22/23 Financial items
a) i) Internal audit and report – The completion of the internal audit and auditor’s report was noted.
ii) Annual Governance Statement – Approved.
b) Accounting Statement 2021-22 – Approved.
c) Risk schedule – Approved.
d) Insurance renewal – After considering the quotations provided the parish council agreed to accept the policy with Zurich Municipal.
e) The following payments were approved: K Adams, internal audit 2021-22 (£75.00); SALC, affiliation 2022-23 (£202.81); Clerk, wages April-June 2022; HMRC, PAYE to 5 July 2022 (£107.20); and Clerk, office and administration 2021-22 (£223.25).

22/24 Biodigester
It was agreed to request a second meeting with the biodigester business with the objective of finding a solution for traffic movements that can work for everyone.

22/25 Proposal from Orleton PC to request the restoration of the Woofferton Rail link
The proposal was noted.

22/26 Highway Items/ Amenity Items/ Footpath Items
a) Environmental maintenance grant application 2022-23: A grant application for £750.00 on a match funding basis was approved (£1,500 including the match funding). Due to an underspend in 2021-22 there is £670.00 from the previous year’s grant in reserves. The match funding required will be drawn from the parish council’s general reserves.
b) Highway / Amenity and Footpath items: Litter on the verges of the A49 will be reported. Missing chevrons on the sharp corner by Blackpool car park on the B4361 have been reported.

22/27 Shropshire Council’s draft housing allocation policy
The consultation on the draft policy was noted.

22/28 Clerk’s Report
Shropshire Council’s library strategy consultation was noted.

22/29 Matters raised for next meeting – Surface water flooding on Park Lane.

22/30 Next Meeting – The next scheduled meeting of the parish council is at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12 July 2022.

The meeting closed at 8.53 pm.