Minutes – 18 September 2018


PRESENT Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. D Ayres (Vice Chairman); Cllr. A Cowell; Cllr. C Giles; Cllr. A Hall; Cllr. R Smith; and Cllr. A Wright.

IN ATTENDANCE Shropshire Cllr. V Parry; and R Hewitt, Clerk. One (1) member of the public was present.

18/61 Apologies – None.

18/62 Declarations of Members Interest and Written Requests for Dispensation – Cllr. Giles declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in item 18/68 consultation on proposed dwelling by Mole Cottage.

18/63 Minutes of the previous meeting – Minutes of the meeting held on 18 July 2018 were approved and signed as a correct record.

18/64 Reports of noise and smell pollution from biodigester, Park Lane – A report from Cllr. Smith was considered. There was a discussion on traffic movements on Park Lane. The parish council suggested that local residents note the times and dates when either noise or smell from the biodigester is causing them problems. Urgent problems should be reported directly to the Environment Agency or Compliance Officer at the company which operates the biodigester so that the problem can be found and resolved. It was agreed to request the most recent compliance report from the Environment Agency.

18/65 County Councillor Report – Shropshire Cllr. Parry said a decision has yet to be made on the planning application for a petrol station at Woofferton. There will be a Highways England meeting with parishes close to the Salwey Arms junction on the A49 in early October 2018.

18/66 Highway Items/ Amenity Items/ Footpath Items
a) Speeding on B4361 – A proposed variable speed limit on Overton Road is expected to be available to view at the next meeting, and once agreed will be the basis of a petition to Shropshire Council. SALC has advised that members of the public who wish to support the petition should do so via the Clerk. A proposal has been made for the speed limit by the village hall to be reduced to 30 miles per hour which if agreed could be added to the petition. The meeting agreed to consider the matter once the proposed variable speed limit is available.
b) To report Highway / Amenity and Footpath items – A collapsed gully on Station Road, Woofferton has been reported to Highways.

18/67 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish – There were no matters raised.

18/68 Planning
18/04076/PIP Proposed Residential Development Land to the North of Richards Castle – Application for permission in principle for residential development of land.

The parish council decided to be supportive in principle of the planning application subject to ensuring the proposed new access on to the B4361 meets the necessary highways standards, and that the speed limit on the B4361 by the proposed new access is reduced from 40mph to 30mph to reflect the increased number of dwellings, and high number of access points on to the B4361 in this area. The new 30 mph speed limit would bring the B4361 on the Shropshire side in line with the speed limit on the Herefordshire side of the B4361 at Richards Castle, and should extend along the full length of the current 40mph limit.

18/03140/FUL School Cottage, Richards Castle, SY8 4EQ – Erection of single storey oak framed garden room (amended description). The planning application was supported.
18/03153/FUL Rose House, Richards Castle, SY8 4EQ – Erection of a conservatory. The planning application was supported.
18/03152/PMBPA Agricultural Building at Barns Farm, Park Lane, Woofferton – Application for prior approval under Part 3, Class Q of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 for the works and conversion from agricultural use to residential use. The planning application was supported.

(Cllr. Giles left the meeting.)

Consultation on proposed dwelling by Mole Cottage, Batchcott – The landowner said they would like to build an additional property in their garden so that they can stay in the parish and have been advised by Shropshire Council to consult with the parish council on this proposal. The meeting agreed there was no objection in principle to an additional dwelling in the garden subject to further details being provided via a formal planning application. The Chairman thanked the landowner for consulting with the parish council.

(Cllr. Giles rejoined the meeting.)

Shropshire Council has granted planning permission for 18/01641/FUL Land to the South of Park Lane.

18/69 Report from Councillors who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council – None.

18/70 Financial items
a) NALC Legal Topic Note re: Financial Assistance to the Church – Noted.
b) The following payments were agreed: Boy Thorne Garden Services, short and long grass maintenance (£187.00); Hitrees, pavement opposite the village hall (£63.00); Clerk, wages July-September 2018 (£333.16); and HMRC, PAYE Quarter 2, 2018-19 (£83.20).

18/71 Clerk’s Report – The parish council has been invited to attend a meeting with Highways England at Brimfield Village Hall on 5 October 2018 to “discuss the ongoing safety issues along the A49”. The Vice Chairman and Cllr. Wright kindly agreed to attend the Highways England meeting. A notice has been submitted to Castle News to encourage expressions of interest from members of the public in Richards Castle becoming a Smartwater village. The environmental maintenance grant scheme has been delayed by Shropshire Council. Information on the grant will be provided by Shropshire Council once it has been agreed. A poster has been submitted to Castle News to raise awareness of the beacon commemoration on Remembrance Sunday (11 November 2018), and to publicise a meeting on 25 September 2018 for people interested in participating in the Good neighbour Scheme.

18/72 Matters raised for next meeting – None.

18/73 Next Meeting – The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27 November 2018.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.