Minutes 1st December 2015

Minutes of Richards Castle (Shropshire) Parish Council Meeting Held at The Village Hall at 7.30 Pm on Tuesday 1 December 2015

PRESENT Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. A Wright; Cllr. D Ayres; Cllr. B Allwright (Vice Chairman); and Cllr. C Giles.

IN ATTENDANCE Vivienne Parry, Shropshire Cllr., Ludlow South; and Richard Hewitt, Clerk. Two members of the public were present.

15/50 Apologies – Cllr. A Cowell and Cllr. T Harral.

15/51 Declarations of Members Interest and requests for Dispensation – None.

15/52 To approve the Minutes of the previous meeting – Minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2015 were approved and signed as a correct record.

15/53 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish – There were no matters raised.

15/54 Financial items

a) The following payments were approved: Mazars LLP, external audit (£30.00); SALC, Chairmanship (£20.00); Richards Castle Village Hall, meetings (£32.00); Boy Thorne, cutting of grass, Old Church (£287.00); The Clerk, wages, September-November 2015 (£268.71); and HMRC, PAYE for period to 5 January 2016 (£67.20).
b) Transparency code funding for a new website was considered unnecessary as the parish council uses Shrop.Net.
c) The meeting agreed to set the 2016-17 precept at £4,015. Expenditure in 2016-17 includes up to £2,000 which has been made available to contribute to local services. The bank will be asked to cancel the vouchers statement saving £36 over the year. The Clerks salary will be set at SCP21 for 2016-17 on the basis of an average three hours per week.

15/55 Clerk’s Report – Meeting held with previous Clerk on 22 September 2015 to learn about Shrop.Net and posting of parish council information on the website. Letter sent to Shropshire Council requesting financial support for the extended 490 service to Ludlow introduced in May 2015. Attended meeting with Highways England facilitated by Brimfield and Little Hereford Parish Council on 24 November 2015. The meeting was held to ask Highways England about plans to improve road safety on the A49 at Wooferton and their perspective on the recent planning permission granted by Shropshire Council for a new access road to the A49 at Wyson.

15/56 Highway Items/ Amenity Items/ Footpath Items

a) Modification of bridleway, Mitnell Lane: Noted.
b) Highways improvements, Park Lane: The meeting noted an email from Shropshire Council stating that “due to the restricted timescales and budget… we are now looking to undertake localised improvements to Park Lane”. It was agreed to ask for a meeting with the responsible officer at Park Lane in order to understand the scope of the planned localised improvements.
c) Hitrees will delay the second sweep of the pavements on the B4361.

15/57 Planning
The meeting noted outline permission has been granted for 15/02324/OUT Wyson Lane, Woofferton, SY8 4AL, and enforcement action is being considered by Shropshire Council with regard to the siting of caravans at the rear of The Oakery.

Shropshire Cllr. Parry informed the meeting that the comments of the parish council re: 15/03134/VAR Ludlow Touring Park, Overton Road, Ludlow, SY8 4AD had apparently not been received by the responsible planning officer, and that the application is likely to be granted planning permission. The Clerk confirmed that an email with the comments of the parish council had been sent to the responsible planning officer the morning after the application was considered by the parish council. It was agreed that the Clerk will follow this up with the planning officer as a matter of urgency and express the parish council’s concern and disappointment that their view may not have been taken into account with regard to this planning application.

15/58 Restoration of clock, All Saints Church – The Chairman informed the meeting that a grant for the restoration of the dial has been successful. The grant will cover approximately one third of the expected cost leaving about £1,000 to raise locally to complete the project. One proposal is to split the cost equally between the church and the two parishes of Richards Castle. The restoration is expected to be completed in spring 2016.

15/59 Report from Representatives who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council and County Councillor Report – Shropshire Cllr. Parry highlighted the ‘Big Conversation’ survey which will inform the development of services provided by the county in future years. Ludlow Town Council is expected to consider support for the extended 490 bus service shortly.

15/60 Matters raised for next meeting – feedback on planning concern raised re: 15/03134/VAR Ludlow Touring Park .

15/61 Next Meeting – The next meeting of the parish council is at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9 February 2016.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.