Minutes – 30 July 2019


PRESENT: Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. D Ayres (Vice Chairman); Cllr. A Cowell; Cllr. C Giles; Cllr. A Hall; Cllr. R Smith; Cllr. A Wright.

IN ATTENDANCE: Mr R Hewitt, Clerk. There was one (1) member of the public present.

19/34 Apologies – None.

19/35 Declarations of Members Interest and Written Requests for Dispensation – None.

19/36 Minutes of the previous meeting – Minutes of the annual meeting held on 28 May 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

19/37 County Councillor Report – Cllr. Parry gave her apologies via the Clerk.

19/38 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish – There were no matters raised.

19/39 Planning
19/02958/TDC Proposed Residential Development Land To The North Of Richards Castle – Application for Technical Details Consent pursuant of 18/04076/PIP for the residential development of nine dwellings.

The parish council agreed to object to the proposed development and shares the concerns highlighted by Richards Castle (Herefordshire) PC in their representation to Herefordshire Council. The parish council also shares the concerns raised by SC consultees, such as SC trees where the hedgerow is identified as recorded in the Tithe Award Map, has significant biodiversity, and should not be eroded. The parish council agrees that the housing proposed is too much for the size of the site and is very concerned that the Proposed Site Plan appears to draw the sight line for the access through the hedgerows of neighbouring properties. The proposed development as it stands is not suitable for the location which is the gateway to the older part of the village.

The Shropshire countryside adjoining the county boundary is open countryside, however, according to the SC Affordable housing consultee two of the proposed dwellings are in Shropshire. In other words, open market housing is being introduced in an area where only exceptional housing such as affordable/ agricultural housing should be supported. For this reason, there should be no housing built on the Shropshire part of the site.

There is no shared play area which could be a facility for the benefit of the village.

The parish council shares the objection raised by J A Whittal and published on Shropshire Council’s planning website that there is “inadequate provision for surface water drainage and flood prevention” and the reasons given in the representation need to be addressed. Similarly, the additional information highlighted by the SUDs internal consultee needs to be provided and properly considered.

The proposed access to the B4361 would be improved by moving it to the current gate by the stables. Traffic often speeds on the B4361, and the undulation in the road will inhibit good visibility regardless of the proposal to cut back the hedgerow.

For these reasons Richards Castle (Shropshire) Parish Council requests that the planning authority refuse the planning application.

19/03060/FUL Premises Known As Overton School, Overton Road, Ludlow, SY8 4AD – Proposed re-roofing works and re-build of porch. The planning application was supported.

Shropshire Council has granted planning permission for 19/01539, 2 Batchcott and 19/01476 Barn 1, South of Burnt House.

19/40 Report from Councillors who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council – None.

19/41 Financial items
The following payments were agreed: Hitrees, maintenance of pavement by village hall (£27.60); The Clerk, wages April-June 2019 (£410.45); and HMRC, PAYE Q1, 2019-20 (£102.40).

19/42 Highway Items/ Amenity Items/ Footpath Items
The pothole on Station Road, Woofferton off the A49 has been reported to Highways England. Two potholes reported on Park Lane have been repaired. A section of defective road surface on Wyson Lane has been reported to Shropshire Council. Cllr. Wright reported on a visit by the gulcher to clear drains on Station Road. A report of ragwort on Station Road will be passed to Shropshire Council. A quotation for maintenance of the pavement from Policeman’s Corner to Moor Park School will be reviewed in spring 2020.

19/43 Consultation on Shropshire Local Plan, Strategic Sites – Noted.

19/44 Consultation on draft Local Economic Growth Strategy for Ludlow and surrounding area – Noted.

19/45 Request for information on how to improve local bus services
The Shropshire-wide bus upgrade project has requested information on local services. The parish council felt that a regular service which included early, and late buses, and which runs during the school holidays, was essential. The service needs to allow people to commute and access leisure facilities during the day. Support for services which cross county boundaries should be better co-ordinated. The parish council has earmarked funds to support the local service.

19/46 SALC training programme 2019 – The Clerk will attend the course on new web content accessibility guidelines on 30 October 2019.

19/47 Consultation on polling districts, polling places and polling stations – Noted.

19/48 Consultations on ‘Banners, Bunting and Christmas Lighting Policy and Process’ and ‘Review of A-boards Policy and Process’
The recommendation made for the ‘Banners, Bunting and Christmas lighting Policy and Process’ was supported. The recommendation made for the ‘Review of A-boards Policy and Process’ was not supported.

19/49 Clerk’s Report
SALC is celebrating 70 years with an evening event in November 2019. Airband has offered to attend a meeting to help address poor broadband issues. It was agreed to consider inviting Airband to the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2020. Shropshire Playing Fields Association is seeking views on better use of public open spaces. Ludlow Assembly Rooms has made a request for financial support. Connexus is to hold roadshow events. The Environmental Maintenance grant 2019-20 has yet to be confirmed.

19/50 Matters raised for next meeting – None.

19/51 Next Meeting – The next scheduled meeting will be on Tuesday 17 September 2019.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm.