Minutes 5th May 2015

Minutes of Richards Castle (Shropshire) Parish Council Annual Meeting Held at the Village Hall at 7.30 Pm on Tuesday 5 May 2015

PRESENT  Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. T Harrel; and Cllr. B Anderson.

IN ATTENDANCE  Eric Williams, Clerk (outgoing); and Richard Hewitt, Clerk.  There were no members of the public present.

15/1 Apologies – Cllr. A Cowell and Cllr. A Wright.

15/2 Items from Shropshire Councillor – there was no report.

15/3 Declaration of Members Interest – no interests were declared during the meeting.

15/4 Election of Chairman for the ensuing Year – Cllr. H. Salwey

15/5 Election of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing Year – postponed to next meeting.

15/6 Appointment of representatives

  1. a) Ludlow and Clee Hill Local Joint Committee – Tim Harrell and Hugo Salwey (reserve)
  2. b) South Shropshire Association of Parish and Town Councils – no appointment required.

15/7 To approve the Minutes of the previous meeting – Minutes of the meeting held on 3 March 2015 were approved and signed as a correct record.

15/8 Matters arising from the Minutes – There were no matters arising.

15/9 Appointment of New Clerk – The appointment of Mr Richard Hewitt, Orchard View, Brinshope Wigmore, HR6 9UR as the Clerk to the Parish Council was confirmed.  The Clerk is appointed for four hours per week payable at SCP15 (NALC pay scales).

15/10 Items from the Chairman – There were no matters raised.

15/11 Planning Item – There were no planning matters.

15/12 Highway Items/Amenity Issues

  1. a) Harrell reported that Shropshire Council started work at Mitnell Lane, but this has stopped due to local concerns.
  2. b) There is no update on the work at Park Lane.

15/13 Reports from other Organisations on which a Parish Council Representative has attended – There were no reports.

15/14 Financial items

  1. a) The accounts for the financial year 2014-15 have been audited and the Annual governance Statement for the external auditors completed. The parish council approved the Annual Return and agreed the Annual Governance Statement for 2014-15, which were both signed by the Chairman and outgoing Clerk.
  2. b) The following payments were approved for payment: W S Cadwallader, hedges (£90.00); K L Adams, internal audit fee (£57.75); Came and Company, parish council insurance (£265.00); Stone Bookeeping Services, PAYE (£51.00); and SALC, annual subscription and affiliation (£161.86).
  3. c) The updated Financial Regulations were adopted.

15/15 Co-option of Parish Councillor – Notices will be put up to advertise the two vacancies on the parish council.

15/16 Items from Parish Councillors – There were no matters raised.

15/17 Next Meeting – The Chairman will review the proposed meeting dates for the year 2015/16.  The Joint Annual Parish Meeting of both Richards Castle Parishes will be held at 7pm on Monday 18th May 2015.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm.