Minutes – 8 September 2021


PRESENT: Cllr. H Salwey (Chairman); Cllr. D Ayres (Vice Chairman); Cllr. V Hawkins; Cllr. A Hall; and Cllr. R Smith.

IN ATTENDANCE: Ward Cllr. V Parry and Mr R Hewitt, Clerk. No members of the public were present.

21/51 Apologies – Cllr. A Cowell and Cllr. A Wright.

21/52 Declarations of Members Interest and Written Requests for Dispensation – None.

21/53 To approve the Minutes of the previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting held on 13 July 2021 were approved as a correct record.

21/54 Ward Councillor Report
Ward Cllr. Parry reported on hedges, vehicle activated displays, planned resurfacing of Station Road, which will probably be done overnight, Highways England and biodigester complaints regarding road traffic to/ from the facility during the recent bank holiday weekend.

21/55 Biodigester
The operators of the biodigester will be informed of the complaints received about the duration of deliveries over the bank holiday weekend and invited to engage in a dialogue with the parish council. The meeting noted that the hours of operation are conditioned in the planning permission granted by Shropshire Council and agreed to request appropriate records of extended working. The Environment Agency will be asked to confirm whether or not hours of operation as conditioned is included in their compliance assessments.

21/56 To invite views and discussion from members of the parish
There were no members of the public present.

21/57 Clerk’s Report – Deferred.

21/58 Planning
21/03417/FUL The Cedars, 1 Wheatcommon Lane, Ashford Carbonell, Richards Castle, SY8 4AG. Application for erection of a four bay garage with storage/home office room above together with the demolition of an existing, unsafe building and the removal of two trees. The parish council had no objection to the planning application.

21/03348/FUL Proposed Development Land To The North Of, Station Road, Woofferton. Erection of an industrial unit with ancillary storage and office space and public area. The proposed plans were supported.

Shropshire Council has granted planning permission for 21/02910 The Old Timber Yard and 21/02080 17 Overton. Listed building consent has been granted for 21/02081 17 Overton.

21/59 Report from Councillors who have attended meetings of other Organisations on behalf of the Parish Council – None.

21/60 Financial items
a) NALC Legal Topic Note re: donations to churches – Noted.
b) The following payments were agreed: Boy Thorne Garden Services, grass maintenance 2021-22 (£382.00); Clerk, wages July-September 2021; and HMRC, PAYE to 5 October 2021 (£105.20).
c) Notification of a direct debit by ICO for renewal of data protection registration (£35.00) was noted.

21/61 The Queen’s Green Canopy
Deferred pending availability of land for planting of trees. One option might be to work with the developer of the Land to North of Westbrook House.

21/62 Highway Items/ Amenity Items/ Footpath Items
a) Vehicle activated signs – The Clerk reported on the installation of a VAS at Sheet. It might be possible to obtain financial support from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s road safety fund for a device at Richards Castle. The highway authority has indicated support in principle for the installation of a VAS on the B4361 by the village hall. The approximate location for the VAS device will be agreed with the highway authority.
b) Environmental maintenance programme – Work will be undertaken as required.
c) Highway / Amenity and Footpath items – A report of fly tipping on Wheatcommon Lane was noted.

21/63 Safer West Mercia Plan – The consultation on the plan was noted.

21/64 Training programme/ process for members and the clerk – Cllr. V Hawkins request to attend the ‘Be a Better Councillor’ course was agreed. The booking of training courses between meetings was delegated to the Clerk.

21/65 Matters raised for next meeting – Biodigester.

21/66 Next Meeting – A date was not set for a scheduled meeting. The next meeting will be called by the Chairman.

The meeting closed at 8.16 pm.