The Parish

Richards Castle Parish Council (Shropshire) includes two small villages Overton and Wooferton within the electoral parish boundary.

The Census 2001 shows a population of 282 and 106 properties.

All Saints Church built in 1892
All Saints Church built in 1892


Overton is a small hamlet to the south of Ludlow on the edge of Mortimer Foreset. It is situated in an area of high quality agricultural land. To the west of the hamlet lies Haye Parkwhich is mainly deciduous woodland and has been designated as a prime site for nature conservation.


Wooferton is a scattered settlement which is close to the village of Brimfield and contains a number of facilities and services which include a public house, restaurant and small hotel, it also conatins a number of commercial users.

Richards Castle Village Hall

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The Village Hall is situated on the B4361 Ludlow to Leominster 4 miles South of Ludlow